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LAVORAZIONI MECCANICHE PIGNAT S.r.l. works in the precision machining sector and offers a complete range of services to meet various requirements:

  • precision machining
  • deburring of metal alloys
  • deburring of plastic materials
  • handling of any thermal and surface treatments
  • post-completion machining
  • unit assembly
  • testing and supply with certificates of compliance
  • construction of special equipment
  • collaboration for prototype industrialisation

In addition to the third-party machining above, the company has developed an in-house product, obtaining a European patent for it in 1978: hydraulic quick-release couplings.

The parts are made to high quality and tolerance standards.

Production is intended for various industry sectors, but in particular, the
components and assemblies are used for:

  • industrial automation
  • food processing plants
  • agricultural machinery
  • woodworking machinery
  • earth-moving machinery
  • textile machinery
  • CNC machine tools
  • ecological pumps and clutches
  • PET bottle moulds
  • automotive transmissions

For 60 years, LAVORAZIONI MECCANICHE PIGNAT S.r.l. has been guaranteeing high-quality machining, services and solutions.
Our fleet of machines and equipment is very well-equipped and constantly updated.

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